Cost of Bookkeeper / Assistant

Bookkeeper's hourly rate /hour12/hour
Hours per week, on average, that your bookkeeper/assistant works /week40/week
Health insurance costs for bookkeeper/assistant /month100/month
Weeks of paid vacation per year weeks/year2 weeks/year
Overhead (as a % of office space, computer, supplies)25%

Cost of Your Time to Manage the Bookkeeper/Assistant

Hours per week you spend with the bookkeeper/assistant /Week10/hour
Value of your time (not cost) /Hour40/week
Hiring and ongoing training of bookkeeper/assistant Hour/yearHours/year

Detail Calculation Bookkeeper:

Monthly Salary
Health Insurance
Total Monthly Bookkeeper Costs
Your Time to Manage Bookkeeper
Hiring and Ongoing Training
Total Monthly Costs of Owner
Your Current Monthly Costs:
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