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Outsource bookkeeping process option include remote access based, hosted software based, server based and online options.

Remote login

  • Data location is your computer
  • Accounting Software access on your computer
  • Hardware required computer,scanner,fax
  • Highly used
  • Data backup is manual
  • Ideal for businesses having turnover of more than 1 million

Offline Software

  • Data location our server
  • Accounting software is locally with us
  • Work on Back up file
  • Hardware required scanner/fax
  • Ideal for small business with turnover upto 1 million

Online software

  • Data Location our Server
  • Online Access to Software
  • Software functionality is limited
  • Data backup is automatic
  • Ideal for Service Companies and Ecommerce Retailers

Offline Accounting File:

  • Client will share the documents (by scan/email, dropbox/google drive).
  • Client will provide us with a copy of your QuickBooks File.
  • We will update the QuickBooks files on my computer.
  • We email or share on cloud (dropbox/Gdrive) with you a backup copy of your QuickBooks file for you to restore on your computer.

Remote PC Access:

  • We will connect to your computer over the internet using Remote software such as AnyDesk, Teamviewer or a secure VPN connection.
  • Client will scan the source documents to your computer.
  • Client will give us remote access to your accounting software.
  • We will update the books and log out.

Online Software:

  • Client will send the documents (by scan/email or share on dropbox/google drive)
  • We sign into the software/website and enter the transactions and logout.

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