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How to outsource

Best competition of new technology advances, you now have the same alternatives as fortune 500 firms. No matter how small or large you are. Outsourcing is an important sector of its administration of the company specializing in those every individual aspect. Outsourcing online is an option that offers services at a much, much lower rate but with a highly productive mass work force.

Outsourcing: Some remarkable facts

Outsourcing is not slowing down, in fact its growing faster. Outsourcing has been declared as a life saver for many accounting firms. Accounting outsourcing for small business has almost become mandatory for all those accounting firm who want to pay their attention to increasing their profits.

Key benefits for online accounting outsourcing

  • Focus on core business
  • Get skilled staff at affordable fees
  • Increase customer satisfaction
  • Improved speed and service
  • Grow your business
  • Beat competition

How does it work

Smart outsourcing follows these steps.

  • Create a project for the client and add the required documents to the secure workflow portal.
  • The documents are checked and assigned for processing by appropriately qualified team
  • By this errors, omissions, exceptions are reported and resolved
  • Quality assurance checks are qualified
  • Completed job return for review

Outsourced services for the clients

Outsourcing can provide your clients with a number of business services that will enhance the accuracy of their underlying financial records and provide valuable real time reporting.

Workflow migration process

MindSpace has main thrust on its People, Infrastructure and Processes. The Work Flow process involves all three aspects. When you sign up with one of our Team Leads, we will:

  • Client team will first gather all accounting data and scan and upload it as a shoebox to secure FTP link given by MindSpace.
  • MindSpace will review data uploaded and organize it in such a format helpful for processing and send a confirmation mail to you.
  • Client will be sending training notes and client specific notes to us.
  • MindSpace will ensure processing of Payroll on Client Software’s
  • The work done will be Quality Checked with Team Leaders and Reviewers
  • In case of issues, query mails are sent off to the client and meeting via Skype/ VOIP is held.
  • Finally, work is delivered to the client

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