When it comes to selecting a financial outsourcing partner, every customer desires a hassle-free experience. Our goal is to make the onboarding process for our clients as easy and painless as possible. We believe in the basic idea of “Doing Business Your Way,” and our operating models reflect that belief.

At Mindspace, we use superior and secure infrastructure that provides employees with a creative work environment, required to accomplish multiple outsourcing tasks for different industries.

Our advanced infrastructure and technology enable us to deliver high-quality services ahead of time to our clients.

For all of the mission’s fundamental assets, Mindspace has gone above and beyond:

  • We use Microsoft Server Architecture Various internet links are available with the Fortigate firewall and antivirus system.
  • Dedicated leased line connections at a speed of 70Mbps with various internet backups.
  • Power backups and a continuous power supply system.
  • Hostage control generator
  • 10000 sq. ft. working space
  • Last Pass is used for protected password sharing
  • ISO 9001 and ISO 27001 Certified facility

Mindspace is able to provide continuous services around the clock because of its frameworks, designated PCs, and well-organized systems.

Mindspace gives the utmost importance to the information it prepares by adhering to stringent security standards. Employees are required to comprehend non-disclosure, access is limited to copying gadgets, and security is monitored 24*7 by CCTV cameras and security personnel.

We maintain the highest levels of confidentiality and security. As a result, we’ve put in place strict security procedures to protect the safety of our whole network architecture. This is one of the major reasons why our clients choose Mindspace to outsource sensitive and mission-critical services.