Our company is led and managed by an experience and cohesive team of Chartered Accountants, Accounting Technicians, and MBA. Our Management Team, comprising diverse talents from various fields, boasts strong academic foundations, teamwork prowess, expertise, and forward-thinking vision, ensuring optimal client satisfaction.

Answer is simple- It’s always better to work with Experts. With over 20 years of experience in the field and our dedicated team of professionals, we ensure top-quality work for our clients. Our team comprises highly skilled professionals who are proficient in accounting software and stay updated on the latest US regulations. Offering online bookkeeping services worldwide, we allow you to delegate time-consuming tasks to us, enabling you to focus on business growth. Our management team comprises diverse talents with strong academic backgrounds, teamwork skills, expertise, and a forward-thinking vision, catering to clients’ needs effectively. When you outsource accounting to us, a senior manager is assigned to your account as your single point of contact, ensuring seamless communication and project management. You can reach out to your SPOC anytime for project updates or to assign new tasks.

How to get started is the question which comes to mind while making a decision to outsource and most of the companies see a challenge in outsourcing bookkeeping. However, it is very simple…!!

The first step after you have decided to outsource involves-

Verbal Communication– You can contact us or leave us a message and we will call you back within 24 hrs. We discuss and understand your need and suggest the best outsourcing option available for your company and decide over a Verbal Agreement.

Engagement Letter– Post the verbal agreement, we send you an Engagement Letter which is a contract along with Non Disclosure Agreement (NDA) from our side. NDA is a mutual agreement ensuring data security and our commitment towards it. You simply have to revert with the accepted Engagement letter and here you have a team set up to manage you bookkeeping and Accounts…!!

Process Set Up– The last and final step is to set up your company’s account here and proceed. The account set up is again a quick process and with our expert IT Team your outsourcing process becomes a pleasant experience for you.

We provide you options to work with us as per your convenience and you can choose from:

FTP Server– You upload a copy of your data, the bookkeeping team process the data update your books and you can simply download the updated files next morning..!! View the Process

Remote Access– You upload a copy of data, bookkeepers connect to your computers through remote login services and update your books. View the Process

Online Bookkeeping: With the help of online bookkeeping applications we work on the uploaded data and you can check your data from anywhere and anytime. View the Process (Uploading Data- You simply have to scan your documents to be processed (Bills, receipts, expense sheets, bank statements etc) and upload on server or by faxing or mailing as well.)

We will update the books/reports after processing the documents and send you on daily/weekly/monthly basis.

You will receive filtered information through reports and statements which you can directly use for making important business/financial decisions.

The Software is specifically chosen based on the needs of your business. We work on all types of s/w including Peachtree®, MYOB® and QuickBooks®. There are a lot of considerations to think upon before deciding over Software. We would suggest you speak with ours expert bookkeepers to make the right choice. Our staff is thoroughly on accounting and trained on all these software. In most of the cases, you need not to buy any new hardware or software and we can set your account with the existing infrastructure.

The cost structure for the Virtual accounting and online bookkeeping services provided by Mindspace Outsourcing match up with that of the market and much more of the value you get out of an in-house bookkeeping department. You can save on a lot of resources hiring and training, you save office space and the valuable time used up managing an accountant. You can try our free Expense Calculator and compare the cost benefits of Outsourcing Accounting and Virtual Bookkeeping. Team at Mindspace Outsourcing are bookkeeping and accounting professionals. Outsourced Accounting is an unparalleled task for us. The staff is highly trained and skilled in accounting and bookkeeping. We assign tasks to professionals who are trained in accounting and bookkeeping. We have policies in place which assign tasks to the skilled manpower that is well equipped with the knowledge in the procedure. All of these arrangements take out all the efforts that you put in an in-house bookkeeper.

The team at Mindspace is well-versed in major accounting software such as QB Pro, QB Enterprise, Xero, WaveApps, QB Online, Sage Intacct, Sage50 and Netsuite etc. We host clients’ accounting records on our own FTP server. We provide you with full access to your data, but you must purchase the license for the accounting software we use for your job. Access to the FTP server is set up on your computer. With any

computer enabled with internet access, you can access your accounting records.

At Mindspace Outsourcing , security is paramount. We employ bank-level encryption and state-of-the-art infrastructure to safeguard client data. Our ISO 27001 certification underscores our commitment to modern security practices. Access to records is restricted to clients via a highly secure FTP server. Our security framework includes three layers: Workstation & Network Security, Physical Security, and Employee Credibility. For more details, visit: https://www.mindspaceoutsourcing.com/security/

You own your data, and we prioritize its security. With data security being a paramount concern for all companies today, we offer a full guarantee of data security. Our expert IT team manages data protection, backup, and server-related issues. Every employee signs a Non-Disclosure Agreement, ensuring data confidentiality. You make the decisions and approve final payments or receivables. Data is password-protected and encrypted, ensuring only authorized access. Compliance and regulations are central to Mindspace Outsourcing’s operations.

No, when you have a professional, the assertion of your finance is more accurate. With that said, you retain complete financial control of the organization. We merely bookkeepers and accountants providing professional expertise in services that take up too much of your time. You will always be the ultimate authority over the business. We just maintain records; you are the one signing the cheaques.

At Mindspace, we meticulously select candidates based on their skills, expertise, and alignment with your specific goals. We prioritize finding the right fit. You’re welcome to review our available resources and conduct interviews if needed. Alternatively, we can promptly assign a suitable team member to your account to streamline the process. Our aim is for you to have trust and assurance in the team handling your financial tasks.

We provide an average 7 working days for turnaround of jobs from the time we receive the last piece of

information from you. At premium rates we can also turnaround jobs in as little as 2 and 4 working days. However, it may vary according to the volume of work related to the job. For monthly and ongoing bookkeeping the turnaround time will be lesser than the actual. With regards to the budget, we send Mindspace’ budgeted number of hours where we think that the budget provided by you in the Mindspace Job Checklist is not sufficient enough to complete the assignment.

For as long as you want to. The beauty of working with Mindspace is that you can choose either of the engagement models (FTE, hourly and block-of-hours depending upon your requirement. If you are satisfied with our services and have more jobs for us, we can continue working together.

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