Business directors and employees can claim as travel and subsistence expenditures are one of the most difficult areas for expense claims.

The overarching guideline is that you can deduct only expenses that are totally, entirely, and necessarily related to your business.

If your employer (or company) pays you for private travel, they may be entitled to claim a tax credit for those expenses.

You should keep a detailed record of your business mileage and any related expenses so you can support any claim if this is ever queried

This can include:-

  • Expenses for a personal vehicle or public transportation.
  • Hiring a taxi
  • Expenses for meals and Accommodation
  • Air Travel

Complete and submit the Travel Expense Claim Form to get compensation.

1. Expenses for private motor vehicles and public transport

If you use your own vehicle to drive to a medical or hospital appointment, Independent Medical Examination, or Medical Panel Review as part of your accepted claim, you may request payment for the distance traveled in kilometers. You can also get reimbursed for parking and tolls if you go to those appointments. If you utilize public transportation instead of driving your own car, you may be able to get reimbursed for the cost of the ride.

2. Hiring a Taxi

If you are unable to attend a medical or hospital appointment, Independent Medical Examination or Medical Panel Review by private vehicle or public transport may be able to approve and reimburse you for the cost of taxi travel.

Claims for reimbursement of taxi expenses must be submitted in writing along with a fully detailed receipt from the taxi.


If you are obliged to attend an Independent Medical Examination or a Medical Panel Review.

  • Food Expenses – You may be compensated for meal expenses if the distance between your house and the appointment is long and the appointment requires you to be away from home during meal times.
  • Accommodation Expenses – Can be reimbursed to you if information from your treating doctor proves that you are unable to attend your appointment and return home on the same day owing to a work-related accident or sickness.

4. Air Travel

If you need to attend an Independent Medical Exam or a Medical Panel Review and you don’t have access to a private car and public transportation or a taxi isn’t an option,
Because this option requires a prior clearance, you must discuss it with your Case Manager before making any preparations.
To be reimbursed for air travel, you must submit the following documents:

  • Copy of the airline’s receipt
  • Attendance information – the name of provider/hospital, date, and appointment time

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