Boost Your Profitability by Adding Payroll as An Add-On Service

Ideally, payroll  is not considered one of the most profitable services, especially in accounting. Several people think that payroll is not that attractive and also resource-intensive. You would surely understand this if you have been working on challenging payroll regularly.

The main reason why accountants call it a nuisance is due to the complexity of payroll. It needs staff with a complete knowledge of the software, and they must have a specialist software. Additionally, the team might also feel that payroll is quite time-consuming and also administrative. Outsourcing is your go-to option if payroll has been an annoying activity for you. One of the easiest things to outsource is indeed payroll, and it can surely remove all the complexes that come along while enhancing profits and adding valuable clients.

Payroll Services


Reasons to provide payroll services to customers

  • Minimum client workload

One might already know how time-consuming it is to regularly deal with clients for accounting activities. While adding payroll activities to the mix can become a quick headache for the team. But one can quickly solve the same issue by reducing the client workload and outsourcing the payroll to the special section. Then, when the experts take care of all the payroll requirements, one can focus more on the core activities, that is, the revenue-generating tasks which will minimize the workload to a great extent.

  • Better retention of clients

Payroll is nothing less than a painful task under accounting strategies. However, one can easily upsell the payroll services to the customers as they would be freed from dealing with different challenges that are linked with managing various employees and their payroll. Additionally, when clients rely on exports to handle the payroll, there are better chances of retaining them for a long time, undoubtedly.

  • Better decision making

Repetitive and menial accounting activities can impact the team’s morale and profitability. But when you choose to outsource the payroll services, the clients can get access to a better payroll system and get unique insights into the business. Currently, the payroll software is sophisticated and offers an in-depth analysis of time to the clients. It allows the clients to make better decisions, and the insights also enhance their confidence in doing business with any company. In addition, it encourages them to reach out to the experts and get assistance frequently.

  • Better customer experience

It is ideally understood that client satisfaction is undoubtedly essential for the accounting practice. But most of the clients today are satisfied with the services they get. Therefore, offering excellent payroll services once practiced as an opportunity to enhance client satisfaction. When the clients understand that the practice is the one-stop solution for all the bookkeeping, accounting, and taxation needs, they will improve their revenues while the clients will enjoy a better customer experience.

There is undoubtedly not the best time or the right time to start offering payroll services as anytime is perfect. But one must consider making the transition ahead of the new tax year.