How remote accountants can increase efficiency while working?

These days there is a situation which is totally disturbing the economy of the entire world due to the Coronavirus pandemic. There is only a remote working solution emerging as the ‘new black’ in helping out business from sinking. The accounting industry is one of the few industries that has working remotely and started migrating to cloud accounting.

During the total lockdown all over the world, many outsource accounting firms are having trouble working remotely. However, adaptability is one reason we are still involved in this race and it’s time to again where businesses have to adapt else they will perish.

So here is some guidance for every Accounting/ bookkeeping firm that needs to follow and reduce losses and expand productivity while working remotely for clients.

How can accounting firms effectively oversee remote groups?

You can start with Cloud accounting:

Does not matter in which sector you are working, today’s technology is a main factor for every business and cloud accounting is one of the fastest for every accounting firm in such conditions needs to advise their clients to switch over to online bookkeeping.

When you work remotely with clients, cloud-based accounting software can help clients share and access records from anywhere in the world and that also with guaranteed security. So if the accountants/ bookkeepers want to increase their productivity, first of all, they have to migrate to cloud accounting.

Empower correspondence:

If you want to increase your productivity in online bookkeeping, it is very important to stay connected with your clients. You can use videoconferencing applications like Skype, Zoom, Slack, Google Chat and more. You need to organize online meetings with your clients from time to time.

You can share financial statements and upload bills via secure channels:

Through the internet, accountants/ bookkeepers can easily access and receive client bills and other necessary financial statements, which are needed to manage their books efficiently. Apps like ReceiptBank and Zoho books provide easy coordination of bills and are therefore very useful for accountants to increase productivity when working from a remote location.

Use Dropbox & Google Docs/ Sheets etc to share docs, numbers and calculations:

In online bookkeeping and accounting, we can manage numbers in a good manner and when accountants work remotely using applications like Google Sheets and Dropbox they can easily compute and end-to-end encrypted sharing between clients and accountants. Such services should be adopted by all bookkeepers and accountants, which allow efficient calculation.

Distribute the work to the team and allow them to take ownership:

If you are an outsourced bookkeeping firm and a team is working with you, then you must give ownership of your work to each member of the team. You must assign your own work to all team members. The distribution of work reduces the workload of the entire team and, therefore, is a major factor in increasing the productivity of the team.


If you are really in the outsourcing bookkeeping and accounting business and you are currently handling the accounts of different clients, then switching to remote work is not as bad as it sounds. With a little experimentation that is mostly in your current functionality. This will not only make your work easier but will also be better. Just once you need to transition to remote working culture, if this happens then you can see significant improvements in your work delivery.