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Outsource Bookkeeping- All you need to know!

The management of financial information for business requires time effort, energy, and even money. If you are able to play the right cards you will save money on these three aspects big time. It is possible to hire an independent bookkeeper to provide various CFO-related services that will give you peace of assurance. This article will help you be aware of outsourcing bookkeeping services to assist you in getting started and improving your day-to-day operations.

This article will go over:

What is outsourced bookkeeping?

Why do you outsource your bookkeeping?

What is the best time to outsource my Bookkeeping?

Automate your bookkeeping using Mindspace

Outsourced Bookkeeping Services: What Kinds?

How do I outsource Bookkeeping

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Frequently asked questions

What is Outsourced Bookkeeping?

A solid bookkeeping system is of paramount importance to any business or business. Bookkeeping goes far beyond keeping track of day-to-day transactions. It’s also about budgeting the financials of payroll, financial data along with tax-filing.

It is essential to keep this information current over the long run. But, it is a long and lengthy process. A lot of business owners employ full-time bookkeepers in-house, however, this isn’t the best cost-effective option.

Incorporate outsourced bookkeeping services.

When you work with an external company this doesn’t mean that the process isn’t inclusive of hiring, supervising or the cost of onboarding.

There are three kinds of companies that provide these kinds of services.

Independent Bookkeepers

Independent bookkeepers can be found through freelance websites as well as similar sites. Bookkeepers who are freelance can be costly but their quality may differ from one individual to the next.

General Accounting Firms or CPA

CPAs and similar companies adhere to the highest standards within the industry. They adhere to the majority of standard methods to be high-quality service providers.

Offshore Bookkeeping Organizations

Offshore bookkeepers reside in India as well as other countries in which it is cheaper to engage these service providers. This permits bookkeepers in offshore countries to charge lower fees for bookkeeping.

Make Your Books Go From “Confusing” to “Impressive”

Why outsource your bookkeeping?

More privacy. If you outsource bookkeeping to a reputable firm or an individual, you can be confident the financial reports and other information are protected.

Scalable. If you’re a small-sized business owner, you’ve got numerous expenses to consider. Employing outsourced bookkeepers can save you a substantial amount of money that which you can then use to expand your business in other areas.

Training and management. It is likely that you aren’t in a position to instruct your employees in-house to handle bookkeeping tasks for you. When you hire an experienced bookkeeper, they will be able to handle the tax preparation, rules and reporting procedures on their own.

A boost of confidence. You’ll feel secure that your business will continue to run smoothly and not fret about losing knowledge in the event that one of your employees decides to quit the business.

Maintaining accurate records. Your records will be accurately documented, accurate and ready for possible audits.

Outsourced bookkeeping can save you valuable time, effort and even money.

What is the best time to outsource my Bookkeeping?

Here are a few of the most frequently cited reasons why business owners outsource their bookkeeping.

  • Your books aren’t always current.
  • Bookkeeping on your own takes a lot longer than you’d like.
  • Taxpayers aren’t getting tax benefits and write-offs.
  • It’s tough to keep up with the flow of cash.
  • It is difficult to track you accounts receivable and payable, as well as various financial reports.
  • Finding estimates for tax payments is too much of a problem.
  • You’ll need more precise financial statements.
  • You may need additional assistance with managing your inventory.
  • You’re the owner of a new business and are looking to keep costs low.
  • Your business requires strategic planning and top-quality financial specialists to aid in that growth.
  • A full-time employee in a different position has too much time to focus on the bookkeeping requirements of your company.
  • The temporary shutdown forces you to reduce your bookkeeping employees, but you’d like to keep the process of accounting in motion.

These reasons aren’t the only reasons why it is best to outsource the bookkeeping. The sooner you begin to outsource your bookkeeping, the quicker you’ll start to reap the advantages.

Automate bookkeeping with Mindspace

Mindspace is an accounting & bookkeeping outsourcing firm that offers solutions to small businesses and CPA Firms.

The accounting services provided by Mindspace include:

  • Professional Invoicing
  • Tracking expenses
  • Time Tracking
  • Support for projects to ensure the team stays in the same group
  • Online payment options that are automated for simple billing
  • Complete financial statements throughout the year
  • Reporting on daily financial tracking, as well as during tax time.
  • Double-entry accounting tools to improve financial performance, healthy cash flow, health other aspects.

Mindspace offers custom bookkeeping solutions that accommodate the needs of different sizes and types of businesses. If you’re a small or growing company it is possible to take advantage of Mindspace the best features without spending a fortune.

Additionally, you will also have access to lower transaction fees on credit cards and pre-authorized debit transaction charges along with many other advantages.

Different types of outsourced bookkeeping services

There are two major methods of outsourcing bookkeeping Services.

Find a local bookkeeper

Local bookkeepers are available or a bookkeeping service close to your business. The primary advantages of this method include having an in-person and using paper records and not relying on banking and payment online systems.

If you are looking for a local bookkeeper you can choose between firms or freelancers. Freelance bookkeepers work in a one-on-one manner in the area of accounting and bookkeeping requirements. They can work from home or at your workplace or at both.

If you select a bookkeeping company and you are provided with extra assurances that aren’t offered by bookkeepers who are solely self-employed. For instance, the bookkeeping company could employ professional bookkeepers that have qualifications. If the bookkeeper you have has to leave for a period of absence, the company could replace them with a different bookkeeper to fill in the gap.

What to Look For in Local Bookkeepers

When looking for bookkeeping firms look for ones that offer instant and secure access to financial reports. They should run their businesses using accounting software with which they are comfortable.

You should be sure to trust the outsourcing bookkeeping service you use. They’ll handle your financial details such as credit cards, bank account invoicing, as well as various other documents that are important.

Virtual Bookkeeping

Virtual bookkeeping refers to the paper-free handling of books. A virtual bookkeeper is someone else who manages the books for you online.

Consider virtual bookkeeping an amalgamation of the top software for bookkeeping and traditional bookkeeping. Virtual bookkeepers handle your books and applications with the main goal of monitoring your financials.

Virtual bookkeepers can be helpful for you if:

  • Are used to using the internet and banking online.
  • You may prefer to use a mobile app to access your financial data.
  • Would prefer to meet with the bookkeeper online rather than in person.

The way Virtual Bookkeeping Works

Contact with professional bookkeepers who can assist you with virtual bookkeeping using your online bank account. The virtual bookkeeper will download your expenditures through your bank account online and processor for merchants, which means you don’t need to mail an envelope for receipts.

If it’s time to pay tax online, a bookkeeping service can provide you with an end-of-year financial package. It will contain all the financial statements that accountants require for filing the small business tax return.

How do I outsource Bookkeeping?

Are you ready to contract out your bookkeeping? This is a step-by-step procedure.

Step 1. Set the Business up for Outsourcing

Check to see if your small firm is ready to get its bookkeeping services outsourced. Start by analyzing how outsourcing will assist in meeting your goals for the business. Be aware of the most crucial aspects and record every step of the process.

Step 2 – Read all the options carefully

It’s sometimes difficult to locate an outsourcing bookkeeping service that can be relied upon to work. Take a look at your options and search for a business that utilizes the same bookkeeping software that you are familiar with that has received positive reviews from users and has been within the industry for a long time.

Each outsourcing company has its own distinctive characteristics but differs in a variety of ways. It is recommended to make an overview of the pros and cons of firms that outsource bookkeeping so that you can be sure that you’ve made the right choice.

Step 3 – Meet with the Bookkeeper

If you locate good bookkeeping software, be sure to examine the candidate prior to making a decision to hire them. The majority of business owners sign the deal in a matter of minutes and usually fail to pay attention to important points and only discover the drawbacks once it’s late.

Step 4 – Put the Process in order

Contact your manager of account to arrange connections and integrate the bookkeeping software as well as financial accounts, balance sheets, bank statements and other information you’ll have to be able to share with your local virtual or internal bookkeeper.

The Bookkeeper should be able to do the Bookkeeping

After the system is operational It is essential to let the bookkeeper who is new do their task. Do not stress about the financial reporting, taxes on payroll, accounting tasks and offline and. internet-based bookkeeping. You’ve made the right choice and now it’s time to relax and let an account manager that is dedicated and a bookkeeper do the work for you.

Complete Your Book Even If You’re Uncertain What Done Means.


The financials of your business needn’t be overwhelming to handle. If you outsource your bookkeeping, you lift some of the burdens off your own shoulders. You can contact an individual bookkeeper or freelancer or a local bookkeeper or even an accounting firm to manage your bookkeeping requirements.

With the many choices available You can choose the best solution to meet your requirements and preferences. If you run an expanding, small or even a large company You can find an expert bookkeeper for every type of company.

Outsource accounting services such as Mindspace is a complete solution provider with strong, reliable and affordable financial services. If you’re fed up with keeping your own books then you ought to consider this choice.

Frequently asked questions

What is the cost of outsourcing bookkeeping?

The average cost of outsourcing accounting, bookkeeping and similar services is $8 to $10 an hour. This range of prices is for entrepreneurs with small businesses. There’s a huge price distinction based on complexity, volume of transactions as well as other aspects.

What can an outside bookkeeper perform?

A bookkeeper outsourced to you monitors the day-to-day operations of your business and handles essential accounting and reporting. These include documents such as balance sheets and cash flow statements, income statements, as well as monthly expenses. They also aid in when filing taxes. They provide the same services whether you choose to hire an in-house bookkeeper local to you or an independent bookkeeper.