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What are the best apps for accountants

Running an accounting firm is no less than a challenge, even at the most fruitful times. Like any other small business, there are seemingly several demands on your time and energy, and there never seems to be enough time in the day to get everything done. From keeping a tab on the cash flow to prospecting new clients, there is a lot on your plate. Hence it is essential to find tools that can help you automate or streamline some workflows. Currently, there are several apps designed to do just that.


best apps for accountants


If you have been in the accounting business for a while, you might know that when it comes to best apps for accountants, you might already have a few favourites, and if your business is growing, you will always need a service provider that can keep up with you and also take the accounting business to another level. The main aim here’s to choose the right tools as they can give you a competitive advantage over flexible rivals. here are the best apps for accountants:-


It is an all-in-one communication platform that allows you to keep in touch with your clients. You need to know that the expectations of your clients are constantly changing, and accounting firms tend to fail to keep pace with the risk of falling behind their more adaptable competitors. The app gives you a one-stop solution for secure business communications and brings together video conferencing, messaging cloud-based phone calls and everything in one place. As remote working is here to stay, a lot of office-based roles are now being carried out outside the office, which means that ensuring reliable communication plays a crucial role now. The app is helping accountants to provide excellent standard service to their clients with video calls from any location, and it is one of the best ways to give a reassuring and personal touch to clients.

Xero app

It is one of the most popular accounting solutions available. Considering the features that it offers, it is not challenging to work out why, as the app provides a one-stop solution for excellent accounting functions like receipts, invoices, claims and income reports. The user-friendly interface makes it easy for you to use the app, and you can also add unlimited users to the app, which makes it unique from other apps that are available in the market. Furthermore, being a clouding tool, it puts everything together in a shared database that makes it easy to keep track of the information.


The app is a practical solution for you and your team if you are running accounts for a large number of clients. It allows you secure access to the bank account of your clients and saves them the trouble of sending you the account statements often. You just need to log into your client’s banking account and set up the connection to the app so that you can check in yourself, and complete safety is assured.