Xero for Amazon Sellers

Xero and A2X for Amazon Sellers

Xero is an excellent software solution for Amazon sellers since it serves as a financial centre to help you record, compute, and analyse your sales. Xero is designed to grow with you, no matter what size or stage you are at in your company journey. However, while automating the transfer of your financial data from Amazon to Xero is an important first step, it is not the end of the process. As your business grows, you will still need to manually reconcile tens, hundreds, or even thousands of orders, which is not tenable.


Xero for Amazon Sellers


‘A2X’ allows you to combine Xero and your Amazon account so that your income and fees automatically feed through to Xero and are allocated to the right ledger accounts. You can determine the best cost for your company according to the volume of your monthly orders. You can also map the revenue and expenses to the appropriate accounts. Settlements might be backdated up to 24 months, depending on your plan.

Why should an Amazon Seller choose Xero?

Automation helps save you time

  • Xero automates most of your accounting, freeing your time and energy for other activities.

Simple to learn

  • Xero has straightforward accounting software with a user-friendly design.

Infinite Accessibility

  • As a cloud-based accounting software, Xero can be used anywhere from a device with an internet connection.

Seller Central Integration

  • Xero interacts with your Amazon account for simple and smooth data transmission.

Various Permission Controls for Security

  • If you have an accountant, plan to hire one, or need to discuss some portions of your finances with others, Xero lets you define access rights and manage who sees what.


  • Xero adheres to the most stringent data security requirements. To keep your company safe, everything is encrypted.

Scalability For Your Business

  • Xero features subscription tiers to meet your company goals, including the ability to add other connectors, manage inventory, and even grow across different sales channels.


How A2X can benefit Amazon Sellers

A2X collects Amazon settlement information, calculates all the line items you would normally have to do manually, and puts them into a nice journal summary. Each settlement includes a journal summary that includes those lines of detail. Accounting accuracy without the bother. A2X also organises your records using the accrual approach, a GAAP-compliant industry standard for commercial bookkeeping. Every business has peaks and troughs. If you merely check your company’s cash flow daily, you’re passing up an opportunity to make the statistics work for you. This is the issue that accrual accounting addresses.

Helpful Tips:

Which accounting software is ideal for Amazon sellers?

  • For Amazon businesses, Xero is an outstanding cloud accounting software. Xero allows sellers to reconcile their Amazon accounts and statements with their bank statements, as well as handle inventory and tax responsibilities. Its features, designed to help small firms, make eCommerce accounting straightforward and user-friendly.

Is there a way to make it easy to analyse my Amazon transactions in Xero?

  • Yes. You may better understand your fees and transactions by linking your Amazon account to Xero using a connector software like A2X.

How can I learn more about A2X pricing?

  • If you’ve experienced the free trial and are impressed with how A2X improves your Xero Amazon connection, you can select a package that meets your needs right here.