A leading supplier of Water bottle, the client would definitely in search of a good bookkeeper for day to day accounting functions but faced the following challenges :

  • Delayed in received and paid money to the customers and suppliers, as improper maintenance of recording data in Xero.
  • Mismatch in bank transactions with Xero transactions, due to delay in posting the books of accounts.
  • Reconciliation worries due to wrong account head updated in Xero’
  • Incomplete information updated about customers and suppliers.
  • Recruiting and hiring in house accounting Mindspace Team would lead to cost and HR burden.
  • The processes, output, accuracy, and timing were inadequate and falling further and further behind.


Mindspace Outsourcing, a renowned name in bookkeeping and accounting services has come up with following solutions for the clients:

  • On a monthly basis, Mindspace creates regular invoices for both monthly recurring revenue and supplier bills
  • Doing bank reconciliation on a daily basis so that there should not be any mismatch in the bank accounts and accounting software
  • Mindspace, request clients to provide the data on a daily basis to post the invoices and bills.
  • For any clarification of a query, we usually communicate with the clients on a daily basis through different modes like calls and messages.
  • Bank rules are also applied that automatically allocated various bank transactions to the applicable bank accounts so bank reconciliations become a far less time-consuming task


With systematic accounts receivable and payable operations in place, ensuring the authenticity of the final records resulted in the following outcomes:

  • Control on bookkeeping errors.
  • Faster turnaround time accounting and bookkeeping processing.
  • Clients added new customers
  • No delay in the reconciliation of bank accounts
  • Prompt processing of invoices improved vendor relations and terms for the client
  • Better customer engagements relating to billing and receivables