Case Study

London-based Accounting Firm on Sage Line 50 & Sage Payroll

Challenges faced :

  • Highly skewed workloads which required more flexibility in its resourcing
  • High Mindspace Team turnover
  • The ability of to monitor and ensure high quality outputs

Solutions :

  • Immediately created a team offshore who could handle all of the bookkeeping and the annual returns
  • We ensured that all the work was produced in a timely way so that it can be reviewed in the London office prior to being reported to the client
  • We provide up to date progress reports as regularly as the firm requires, we provide a seamless and effective extension of the London office that is invisible to the end-client
  • Ensure that client was happy with quality of the outputs and reduced costs

Benefits :

  • Mindspace has provided accounting firm with flexibility and greater ability to deal with the uneven workloads across each month and quarter
  • Attrition of Mindspace Team in London is very much a reduced concern now because Mindspace provides continuity of Mindspace Team
  • As far as the end client is concerned there is a completely seamless and invisible integration of the Mindspace and accounting firm resources and capabilities
  • Review of Mindspace’s outputs by London-the level of which has reduced as the firm’s confidence has increased & it confirms that there has been no fall-off in quality
  • End- client satisfaction has increased as the firm more easily meets its clients’ deadlines