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Payroll function UK and Ireland

Client Profile- A Beverages retail chain with stores located at multiple locations

Challenges faced :

  • The client had to pay weekly to UK and Irish Employees

The client was facing issues of

  • Staff Turnover
  • Delayed Payments to Employees.
  • Employees not getting timely Payslips

Solutions :

  • We overviewed the process of payroll with Team Leader of the client at Home Office
  • MindSpace prepared a Standard Operating Procedures for migration of Payroll Process
  • Initially , Client worked in conjunction with MindSpace Team on UK and Irish Payroll
  • Team leader ( TL ) sends us weekly work hours of Employees
  • Processing Team at MindSpace connects remotely via VPN’s to client server and process payroll before the team Leader get into office. Any mails of deviations and issues are sent to the TL
  • Payroll gets reviewed at by the TL and issues and discussed via Skype

Benefits :

  • Timely Payment to Employees
  • Faster Turnaround time Payroll Processing
  • Team Leader Spends quality time on HR improvements
  • Control on Payroll errors
  • Cost reductions to the extent of 60%
  • Timely generation of Pay slips