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Payroll Function for a US Staffing Company

Challenges Faced :

  • Delayed Payments to Employees
  • Staff Turnover has caused inaccurate salary payment
  • Bonus & Commission payment delayed due to calculation issues
  • Delays in Sending Regulatory returns
  • Accounting Reconciliations pendency of payroll was for more than 4 payroll cycle

Solutions :

  • MindSpace Team has domain expertise in US Payroll Processing
  • We understood the current process and prepared a process flow and migration plan.
  • The team at mindspace worked simultaneously with US Payroll manager for initial Payroll runs Approved timesheet received by India team is collated on spreadsheet and Payroll is process on a Payroll software.
  • Team connects remotely to the clients server and do the bookkeeping on QuickBooks

Benefits :

  • Timely Payments to Staff
  • Cost Cutting to the extent of 60%
  • Accurate and timely payments to staff
  • Client has a dedicated team to work on general issues raised by staff which get replied from offshore center.
  • Client Staff onshore can spend time on regulatory and compliance issues more productively.
  • Reconciliation of payroll was made up to date with payroll returns and accounting records.